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(no subject)
pixie_pan wrote in sparrington
I bring you a short drabble. My friend asaryu had a sudden, strange idea and made a comment. I gasped and was suddenly hit by a large and airborne bunny. I had no choice but to type it up as soon as I got home.

Title: Decoration
Author: pixie_pan
Rating: Erm. PG-13? Ish?
Warnings: Um? Slash, obviously. Distinct lack of sex. Woe. Very short.

James blinked and stared. He blinked again, rubbed his eyes and kept staring.
"Somethin' wrong, love?" the familiarly slurred voice asked, drawing the Commodore’s eyes to Jack's.
"Aye, what?"
James glanced down again. He simply couldn't tear his eyes away. He took a deep breath and tried again. "Jack...you know that I love you."
That earned him a lapful of grinning, wriggling pirate. "Aye. And I love you too, Jamie."
"And you know that I love everything about you."
A bit more squirming. "Aye. You've even learned to love the fact that I'm a pirate."
James cleared his throat and managed a slight nod. "Yes. Even that. But, the point is, I love everything about you. Everything." James hesitated for a moment, uncertain that he was being clear enough. "You know that I especially love your wild hair and the beads and the bandana and your beard...but..."
"But what, Jamie?"
"Did you really feel the need to duplicate the effect down there?"

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This made me giggle - oh, the image it made in my mind :-) Thank you :-)

You're welcome. I'm glad it made you giggle. ^_^

Heeee! I can see the braids.. the beads.. but the bandana???

*mental image of mini-bandana*

Oh jeez, thanks a lot for that ;-)

LOL! Now *that's* an image.

Blame asaryu for the image. I just ficced it. *innocent eyes*

Omigosh! *falls off chair* What an image! And I can just see Sparrow's happy grin about it, too.

Oh yes, he'd think he was being so adorable and clever and James is just resisting the urge to band his head against a wall... ^_^

Jack is such an odd duck. You have to lurrve him. XD


Oh, just fabulous!

Hehehehehehe!!!!!!! :P Very, very, very, very, funny. Giggle material, in fact.

I'm glad you like it! ^_^

Just found this in jenlan's memories and can't believe I didn't see it! o_O
This is just amazing, hilarious, perfect and utterly cute at the same time! The last line made me laugh like mad and I'm still far from full "recovery"...

Thanks, this made my evening! :)

I'm very glad you liked it and I'm glad it made your evening!

I'm in somebodies memories? *boggles*

Wow. I'ma gonna get a swelled head! ^_^

Yeah, you're in jenlan's memories and I browsed them through when I friended her. :) So you know your work is special! *hugs*

Wow. *feels special*

That is a spectacular icon! ^_^

Hi, I was just wondering if you could tell me where I could find the pictures used in your icon? It's for a little... hmm, project of mine. (Okay, and perhaps for personal enjoyment as well, but mainly for the project. *g*)

They're on the "Lost Disc" of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and I made screencaps. I have, however, only the small pictures I used in my gif, not the actual screencaps.

*chokes on her soda* Oh dear god, the mental images! Now I can't stop thinking about, ehm, things with... braids and beads and... bandanas? *giggle*

*cackles* Then my work here is done...

*snorts coke out of her nose*
My god... how random! XD

I just found this one through Tigersharks 'Favorite Sparrington Stories' and wanted to say 'Thanks' for the laughs and mental image!! I just might make it through the work day now! lol I know it was written a long while back but kudos....nicely done ;)I just KNOW every time I watch one of the Pirate movies now this image will haunt me....he he he...

Oooh there is a bandana O_O

Smeh, a wonderful minific ^^ Brought a smile playing on my lips..

Oh my God, this was soooo hilarious

I first thought Jack has some kind of ribbon down there but this is so much better. I bet it's well worth seeing ... at some point of view *cough*

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