estelendur (estelendur) wrote in sparrington,

Fic: Running Out of Shirts

Title: Running Out of Shirts
Author: Estelendur
Pairing: Sparrington (duh! :P)
Word Count: 344
Rating: PG, probably
Genre: Silly
Summary: Jack and Norrington have a swordfight.
Disclaimer: The Mouse owns them and I have no money.
Spoilers: None whatsoever. Outside of movie-time.
Warnings: None really.
Notes: Written for piratechallenge
Special Thanks: Thanks to witchbabyweetz for the beta. ^_^ And thanks to Ring of Steel for teaching me stage combat.

"Well, here we are." Jack grinned.

"Indeed. Though I fail to see why you insisted that we meet aboard your ship."

"Why, good Commodore, the reason is quite simple." Jack drew his sword. "So all your incompetent little soldiers won't interfere." He lunged for Norrington.

Norrington hurriedly drew his sword and parried, then cast Jack's sword off and slashed at his waist.

Jack jumped back and circled around cautiously, watching for an opening in Norrington's guard, then attacking with a flurry of cuts.

Norrington avoided or blocked most. One attack slipped through and tore his shirt open. "How dare you?" he snarled, rushing at Jack.

"Ah-ah-ah," Jack warned playfully, easily avoiding Norrington's blade. Norrington stumbled past him. Taking advantage of the situation, Jack grabbed Norrington's collar and pulled him closer. He put his sword-arm around Norrington's waist and stripped Norrington's sword from his hand with the other.

"Give up?" Jack whispered into Norrington's ear.

"Give me my sword back, and I'll consider it," Norrington murmured, twisting around in Jack's grasp so he was facing Jack.

"Persuade me," Jack whispered, putting his other arm around Norrington's shoulders.

"Very well," Norrington said, leaning in. ‚"If you keep my sword from me, I shall be forced to take it from you by means of violence, and then I shall feel compelled to return to my home. If you give it up willingly, I will consider remaining here."

"Put that way, I have no choice," Jack said, releasing Norrington. "After all," he continued, pressing Norrington's sword into its owner's hand, "the Pearl is the only thing," he sheathed his own sword, "more important to me," he put his arms around Norrington, "than my own," he kissed Norrington once, "precious," he kissed Norrington again, "Commodore." He kissed Norrington a third time.

"When did your crew stop watching?" Norrington asked softly.

"Around when I tore your shirt," Jack answered, nuzzling the base of Norrington's neck, "I heard Gibbs order them below."

"You need another way to disguise our meetings, Jack," Norrington said. "I'm running out of shirts."
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