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I am in the middle of a serve toothache that is making me pout and whine just like Jack...not to mention I am in extreme pain. And for some odd reason I can't get Tejada's Curse out of me head. But the pain did give me an idea!

Why don't one you lovely people write a fic with either Jack or James with a tooth ache? Doesn't matter how you do it, just make it funny!

Points go if James makes a pouting face instead of Jack. Or if he whines.

They try out the advice of some of James' subbordiantes

Will comes in with his two cents. (not that it's worth much mind you)

Try to include this line. "the point is to stop the pain (Jack/James) not get killed!" Or "I'll try to remember that while I'm in excurciating pain"

Objects should include opium, irons, and glass.

Come on...you so know you want to!
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