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pirate4evrnavy2 wrote in sparrington
I am in the middle of a serve toothache that is making me pout and whine just like Jack...not to mention I am in extreme pain. And for some odd reason I can't get Tejada's Curse out of me head. But the pain did give me an idea!

Why don't one you lovely people write a fic with either Jack or James with a tooth ache? Doesn't matter how you do it, just make it funny!

Points go if James makes a pouting face instead of Jack. Or if he whines.

They try out the advice of some of James' subbordiantes

Will comes in with his two cents. (not that it's worth much mind you)

Try to include this line. "the point is to stop the pain (Jack/James) not get killed!" Or "I'll try to remember that while I'm in excurciating pain"

Objects should include opium, irons, and glass.

Come on...you so know you want to!

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hahaha okay i'll give it a shot.

can objects be mentioned instead of used?

Sure! Why not? Just be sure to let me see what you come up with! This is bound to be funny!

i had the same Q. and do you also read;furuba or do you call it fruits baskets

Depends who I'm talking to

hah. that sounds like too much fun. i'm so trying it.

Go for it! Coming from you I expect to see a ritual sacrifice of a rabbit in order to cure the pain! I'd die laughing!

A drabble to pass your time and hopefully make you better, by way of commentary since I do not have a LJ account.

The pirate's toothache was, of course, an act. Upon being informed that his prisoner was writhing in pain, commodore Norrington - good man that he was - would transfer the pirate to the blacksmith's shop for a professional tooth-extraction via blacksmith's tongs, and subsequent cauterization of the wound, giving young Turner plenty of time to free Sparrow from his irons and see him out through the back door. Clearly, one could not expect a commodore of the fleet to fall for such ruse? A few of sergeant Murtogg's household remedies would certainly teach Sparrow not to play tricks like that again. The fever came totally unexpected and well past midnight. Shops being closed and doctors asleep, Norrington was relieved to find lieutenant Groves present, already cradling the pirate in his lap, alternately feeding him laudanum from the vial and rum from the commodore's best brandy glass. Mentally, James whined at seeing Theo caring so tenderly for another man. Aloud he said: "The point is to stop the pain, lieutenant, not get him killed by overdose." His face was stone-cold official, but privately James could not help but notice the drugged pirate's fine features, his cuddling up to Theo, and what a thrilling threesome they'd make.

Gee thanks! What a great drabble! Too bad I'm not really keeping count of the points! I appreicate it! And that was really lovely, you really should get an account up here!

Thanks. If I ever manage to get something lengthy written, I shall consider an LJ.

Oh please do, that was wonderful!

I wrote these last summer, for a friend who was having tooth troubles as well, so while they're not brand-spanking-new (or written to your challenge specifications precisely), I hope they serve the purpose at least a little :P

Now those I'll have to see. The idea is tooth troubles...doesn't have to match! *clicks link*

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