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meant to be
bella_reeve wrote in sparrington
Title: In Cold Blood
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Strong Language, Violence, some Sexual Content, Slash
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Characters: Jack Sparrow, James Norrington, and Lord Cutler Beckett
Shippers: Sparrington, with hints of non-con Beckett/Norrington
Spoilers: COTBP and DMC
Disclaimer: I don’t own POTC or the song ‘Think Twice’ Which I am using at the start here. I’m not making money off this.
Notes: Written as 1) a part two for Give unto me 2) for 12_fics, the prompt is ‘Blood’
Summary: “Those are all well thought out and impressive reasons,” Beckett said with a slow grin. “But we both know that none of those are why you are really here.”
A/N: Okay, I’m changing the lyrics just a little because the word ‘girl’ doesn’t work. The words I have changed are in brackets so everyone knows.


When all is said and done and dead
does he love you the way that I do
breathing in lightning
tonight's for fighting
I feel the hurt so physical

think twice for you touch my [boy]
come around I'll let you feel the burn
think twice for you touch my [boy]
come around come around no more

Beckett was not asleep. No, he wouldn’t be. Fate was not that kind. He was sitting on a large armchair facing a fire, a glass of the finest whiskey in his fingers. Jack knew that he likely had a gun or sword (or both) at his side. The man wasn’t stupid. Jack found this almost like the scene had been chosen for this night, for this moment. Outside, thin clouds moved back and forth, causing the moon to play hide-and-seek with the world below. Jack stepped slowly, waiting for the sign that Beckett knew he was in the room. Each step was as carefully thought out as any war plan.

A long sigh issued from the chair whose back was to Jack. “Well, Mr. Sparrow, I suppose I never did believe the rumors that you were dead. Although I must admit I was not prepared for you to come directly to me. Or is that worthless Commodore already dead?”

Jack didn’t answer at first. He didn’t want to answer him. But his mouth betrayed his mind, as it sometimes did. “Think you’ve killed him enough for both of us,” came the answer.

A chuckle and then Beckett stood, finishing his glass of whiskey. He placed it on the small table that sat to the left of the chair. “I suppose that’s true. Amazing the things someone will do to stop rumors.” Jack hated the smile on the man’s face. He hated the look of triumph in his eyes. He couldn’t wait to see those eyes spill with blood. Yes, those eyes would be the first things to go.

“Rapist bastard,” Jack whispered, his grip on his sword growing so tight that he found both his hand and the sword shaking slightly. His knuckles were white. Small talk didn’t seem right at the moment. All he wanted to do was fight.

“Is that why you are here?” Beckett asked. “Because I’m a rapist? Honestly, Jack, if you were honest with yourself you would see we aren’t very different. We both take the things we want. I’m not blind, Jack, as I’m sure you aren’t. A man like Norrington comes around very rarely. It was those eyes, you see. I love the look in them when I force myself on him. It’s a power struggle, of course. I want him to know I’m in charge. He was just so pretty and soft I had to break him. You cannot deny he is something else. You’ve thought about it, too, haven’t you? That’ s why you are here.”

“I’m here, “ Jack said, trying to keep his voice calm, even though his heart was racing with anger, “because everything that happened is yer fault. If ye hadn’t branded me then J—Norrington would never have had reason to arrest me, and then he never would have been chasing me, so he never would have gone through the hurricane and never would have gone to Tortuga. And then—well ye get the idea, don’t ye? Everything that happened is because of you.”

Beckett seemed to turn these words over before nodding slowly. “Those are all well thought out and impressive reasons,” Beckett said with a slow grin. “But we both know that none of those are why you are really here. You are here because somewhere along the way you fucked up. Somewhere along the way you fell in love with our dear Commodore Norrington.”

Jack tried to not change his face, or his breathing. He kept the same murderous look on his face. But he knew he was right. Somewhere between wanting to kill him and feeling sorry for him, Jack had fallen down that pit into the world he never wanted to go to. Love where un-mapped waters for him, possibly the only un-mapped waters he was afraid of.

“Ah, so I’m right,” Beckett said. “Well, I’m afraid getting him to love you won’t be so easy. I’ve broken him, you see. And no amount of petting and seducing will put the pieces back together.”

“No more talking.” Jack hissed the words, upset that he was losing his cool. “I have come here to kill you. And I’m not leaving until you are lying in a pool of your own blood. Now pick up your sword.”

The man laughed but did, indeed, pick up a sword. It wasn’t any sword. Jack realized with a growing horror that it was James’ sword. His eyes narrowed. Was there nothing Beckett had not taken from James?

Without waiting, Jack plunged toward Beckett, who was ready for him. He side stepped the attack and James found himself stumbling forward slightly. Beckett gingerly lifted his sword and cut Jack’s upper arm just enough to make it bleed. Jack growled. He was doing this wrong. He couldn’t just attack out of anger. He had to think.

He advanced, this time careful to follow Beckett’s movements. Their swords clinked together. Beckett stepped forward, Jack stepped back, swords still pushed together. Jack moved to the side and this time Beckett was the one to stumble forward to be cut in the arm by Jack.

Growling, the man attacked the pirate, who was ready. They danced around the room, Beckett attacking while Jack defended. Suddenly, Jack found himself against the wall. Beckett leered at him between their swords which made an ‘X’. “Do you know what I think? I think James loves you, as well. That’s why the Heart mysteriously disappeared. That’s why he refused to tell me where the Pearl was last seen. How sad he’ll be to hear that I was the one that got to kiss you first.” And with that, he pressed his lips to the pirate.

The room spun and Jack felt sick. His rage grew impossibly worse. His knee rammed in between Beckett’s legs. Beckett yelped and gave Jack enough time to push him away and knock the sword from his hands. “Bastard!” He hissed, slashing his chest.

Beckett backed away and Jack followed with slow steps until it was Beckett against the wall. “Ye are right, Beckett,” Jack hissed. “I am in love with him. And if you were smart, you would have thought twice about hurting something I loved.” He didn’t give Beckett a chance to respond. He lifted his sword and slashed out his eyes. Screams filled the room.

“Fucking bastard!” Beckett screamed in pain. “He tried to hit Jack, but he had already stepped back. “Where are you? I’ll kill you! I’ll—“ There was a bang and Beckett fell silently to the floor. Jack took deep breaths and lowered his pistol. For a second, he didn’t move. It was done. The man was dead. He knew he had to get of out there because the screams would surely have alerted someone. Looking down, he saw he was covered in blood, most of it belonging to the man with a bullet through his head.

“It’s done, James,” he whispered softly. “It’s all done.” He climbed out the window. He should be there when James woke up; there to thank him. So the Sea was still safe for pirates… or as safe as it ever would be. James hadn’t given the heart to Beckett, or at least not for very long. Jack needed to thank him… needed to be with him. Funny how one night could change everything.

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Speechless. Hold on while I wipe my drool.


You are god. I love you.

Wow..........Nothing else to add here.

Wow! Read this and the previous part...I am most eager to see more...especially the whole budding relationship between Jack and James...and *stick out tongue at Beckett* Ha! Got what you deserved! ^_^

He had that coming! Now, it's snuggle time for the two ;)

First: He side stepped the attack and James found himself stumbling forward slightly. - I think you meant Jack?

...thank you for killing him dead. o-o
Write more please? It's so good...

Yessssssssss! Die Beckett DIE!!!!
*jumps up and down on his corpse*

I've been wanting to read something where Jack saves Norrington from evil Beckett for ages. I wasn't sure such a thing existed. This fulfils my hopes, despite my usual disliking of song-fics.
it was lovely.
Is there more?

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