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Anybody out there?
aegirsseestern wrote in sparrington
Since I'm new to this community (and Livejournal) I would like to say hello first, so:

hi everybody!

I've been into this fandom for many years but never actually contributed something to it.
It's sad that it seams to vanish more and more over the last years and so finally I decided to become active. Now I'm asking you, if there is anybody out there feeling the same? Then let's try to revive our fandom!
Since (as you may have noticed) I'm no native speaker and therefore probably not the best choice to start this project, I really need your help.
So if you like to share your thoughts on this topic, are searching for a writing partner to exchange and collect ideas for ffs (I know my english isn't the best but I'm working on it), or like to help me to complete and beta some of my own unfinished ffs then leave a comment or send me a message.
I'm counting on you ;)

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This fandom is great. It makes me sad theres not ton of content too. : 0

Hello I am new too all this just joined today as well...so yea pretty much lol.

Привет )) Очень люблю пару Джек/Джеймс и думаю это чувство останется со мной навсегда )) В принципе это единственная пара, которая мне интересна ) Всё планирую начать писать фанфики по любимой паре (я их только читаю) и думаю заняться перевод фиков с английского языка :)

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