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Beta Wanted
charismaz wrote in sparrington
Hello Peeps!

Boy, am I late to the party! (Is there anybody out thereee)

POTC came out before I hit puberty, and it wasn't until I rewatched it recently did the pairing hit me. Um, it hit me quite bad.

So, over the past week I've written 13k of a selkie!Norrington fic (NC-17). It's likely to end up around 15k-17k. I've got it all plotted and laid out; I'm just still filling in the last few gaps and fleshing some plot points out.

Now I'm looking for a beta! Just general stuff mostly, to pick up the glaring errors before I put it up. I would ask my usual beta, but I've been terrible and haven't written it in our mutual fandom.

I hope to be posting the fic in weekly installments from next week (on Ao3) - if you want to help but I've already started posting, please give me a shout because I would still want you.


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I'm feeling very piratical of late - I'd be happy to take a look at it :)

Oh, wonderful! Thanks so much for the speedy reply :D I'll PM you my email address

(Oh and I absolutely adore your work. I've been meandering through what you've so far archived on Ao3. You are a very talented writer)

Aww, thank you for the compliment! I'm enjoying going back through everything

It's weird, I got an email that I had a message but I don't see it in my inbox - can you send again?

I've been leaving kudos here and there over the past weeks, but just quickly, your For Want of a Nail = amazing.

No worries! I've resent it - perhaps it could have gone in suspicious messages? I am, after all, a totally suspicious character.

I'm still here! Sorry this post is so late, I hope you see it, I couldn't remember my old lj password so I had to make a whole new account. If you still need a beta hit me up! Sorry for the late reply.

Oh heya! Oh dear, that happened to me too, and it was such a frustrating pursuit. Thanks for the offer, but story has already been published here on Ao3, after the_dala looked over it for me. Of course, I'm always open to critique, should you feel in the mood to! Thanks again, and all the best :)

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