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Fic: To Love a Monster, Prologue, NC-17/Explicit
charismaz wrote in sparrington
To Love a Monster
The Prologue
Paring: James Norrington/Jack Sparrow
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: ~20k (this chapter <2k)
Beta: the_dala
Genre: Fantasy AU (though, honestly not that much more fantastic than the films). Takes place post Curse of the Black Pearl. Though it borrows elements from the other films, it mostly diverges.
Summary: I am not the first to make a mistake, and I doubt so long as my species perseveres, I should not be the last. We are all told the same stories, shown the same examples. We all differ in our choices, though, and that remains our curse. Humanity considers us cursed. They consider not the irony. It is hard when they, the most beautiful things, can be so terrible and curse us in return.

As a selkie, Commodore James Norrington belongs to a world of legendary creatures. Like all of these creatures, he must not fall in love with a mortal - to do so would be to sacrifice his heart in a literal sense, and become the monster he dreads to be. Until, one day while swimming, he spies a mysterious yet familiar shape in the water. The creature is most definitely not human, and for the first time in a long time, Norrington begins to hope.

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