Help in finding a specific fic?

So I was looking at all my old bookmarks for this pairing and something nagged at me.

There was this one story that had Norrington on the pearl. For some reason he was going to get whipped (flogged?) but Jack was going to pretend to do it as long as Norrington faked getting hurt. Which he didn't so Jack had to actually hit him.

Annnnnd that's all I remember. Any help would be appreciated!


Title: Interlude
Summery: Word reaches Jack that James has been injured hunting pirates. Gibbs wants to know his next move. Too bad Jack hasn't got a clue
Disclaimer: characters don't belong to me
Warning: un beta'd
This could be stretched into a longer piece. Maybe

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Rewatch of JackDav's stuff

Calling all Jack Davenport fans! We’re going to rewatch/discuss a bunch of Jack’s stuff, starting with Ultraviolet, The Talented Mr Ripley, and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Ultraviolet is a six-part BBC miniseries starring Jack Davenport, Idris Elba and Susannah Harker. Join us for the rewatch hosted at amerally’s LJ—the discussion post for episode 1 will be up on September 20th!

Posted here with andrealyn's approval. :-)